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Coronavirus Sanitation Treatment

Pest Control has been listed as an essential service by the Department of Health. Gopher Patrol is here and we are ready to fight back! We've retooled our equipment and beefed up our procedures and protocol for large scale sanitization treatments. In the past we have performed similar services for customers just like yourself when treating for rodent infestation. We are FULLY licensed and ready to combat this current crisis.

Are you running a business that is still open? We can perform these services for commercial properties too! 

Sanitization service treatments help to combat all types of viruses and disease. With the current Coronavirus pandemic outbreak the need for vital infection prevention and control practices for all types of homes, businesses, and accessible public areas is even more urgent.

The virus shows how crucial all environments get regularly decontaminated, and infection prevention and control methods get put in place to safeguard everyone.

Virus cleaning services are available by trained and licensed technicians. Infection prevention control ensures that public buildings and rooms, equipment, devices, and surfaces are free from:

• Microbes

• Pathogens

• Viruses

• Bacteria

This disinfection cleaning service, will ensure you are taking steps to help prevent the spread of unwanted viruses and bacteria.

Reports suggest that the coronavirus could survive from 2 hours to 2 days on:

• Hard surfaces

• Door handles

• Tables

• Worktops

• Floors.

Gopher Patrol can perform decontamination services for the following:
• Business
• Office and reception area
• University buildings
• Rented property
• Schools
• School prevention cleaning
• Gym prevention cleaning
• Home sterile cleaning
• Office infection control cleaning

Areas we service:

Los Angeles

San Diego


All Surrounding Cities. 

Gopher Patrol is the perfect solution to assist your sanitizing & virus infection control. Cleaning and decontamination services are vital steps in safeguarding the public and your customers. Consider hiring Gopher Patrol, your local and family owned pest control exterminators. 

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