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Roof Rats - Control and Proofing

Your home has no more rats or mice, but they are still outside. Therefore, our next phase of roof rat control extermination is rodent maintenance.

Roof rats usually reside in trees and in branches hanging over a home where roof rats can access roofs and eventually enter the attic through holes they create. Gopher Patrol has perfected the art of removing roof rats from your property and home. With our exterior baiting service we can get to the rodents before they can get into your home. Our exterior baiting program usually consists of three to four visits initially and then transfers to a monthly service.

We place rat bait stations around the perimeter of your property in strategic places where rodents and pests are most active. Rodents will take to the bait and, once digested, will be eradicated. Our rodent removal technicians will make sure to check on and refill stations with fresh bait to keep them attracted to the bait. Bait stations are anchored and labeled to ensure safety at all times. If you have pets on your property, special arrangements will need to be made to ensure that pets don’t have access to areas where the stations will be placed in.

Roof rat extermination is not an overnight fix and we understand that this is an ongoing process that will require multiple visits, which is why we offer weekly visits initially to get the population of rats to a manageable level. Once we have achieved that level of manageability, we can transition to a monthly service. While on monthly service, we will be servicing the roof rat stations on your monthly visit. If there is ever a flare up, there’s no need to be concerned, as our friendly and professional rodent and pest removal staff is available Monday through Friday. We will dispatch a technician to your home to take a look at any rodent problems that arise and will tailor the rodent treatment method accordingly. Sometimes this means adding baiting stations or simply relocating roof rat stations to other areas of the property where roof rat activity may flare up.

If roof rats have made their way into your attic, call us to schedule an appointment for a roof rat inspection. Our skilled technicians can find all entry points created by the roof rats and can seal up those openings and set traps to remove whatever is left in the attic. Most of our interior rat roof services come with a six month warranty on our work. Warranties can be determined by the technician at the time of the inspection, as severe infestation, heavily damaged attics, or heavy overlaying tree branches can cause ongoing problems if left unchecked or repaired. Your technician can help you in determining the best approach and methods to help keep your home and yard rat roof free.

Gopher Patrol prides itself on exceptional customer service and quality control. If you would like to schedule an appointment call us at 1-888-466-4674.

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