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Local and Family-Owned Gopher Control

Gopher Control, Removal, and Prevention

Gophers can cause serious damage to your landscape and garden. While building tunnels and digging holes, these pests can destroy your luscious lawn in no time. At Gopher Patrol, we have several gopher control solutions to remove gophers from your home or business and keep them off your property for good. 

Whether you have a single gopher damaging your property or an entire population of gophers creating a complex underground tunnel system, our team at Gopher Patrol can handle it. We understand that every gopher problem is different, which is why we offer customized gopher control treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Request your free gopher control quote today to get started! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gophers  

What gopher removal services do you provide?

There are a few different gopher control solutions used depending on the level of gopher infestation. From trapping to baiting methods, we provide effective gopher control solutions so you can claim back your yard. A full list of gopher control treatments we offer includes:

  • Trapping
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Baiting 

Are gophers harmful?

Not only can gophers cause substantial damage to your lawn or property, but they can also carry disease. Gophers can carry and transmit diseases such as rabies, hantavirus, and more. Protect your loved ones and pets from catching diseases; let the pest control professionals handle these pests. Gophers are also known to feed on plants and can damage plant roots, flowerbeds, and other areas of your landscape. 

What attracts gophers? 

The main reason why gophers are attracted to your property is for food sources and to build underground tunnels. Gophers are herbivores and feed on plant materials such as roots, bulbs, and other vegetation. To build their tunnels, gophers need suitable soil conditions to create their tunnels that serve as their habitat. 

How do you identify gopher infestation?

Gophers are identified by physical characteristics as well as behavior. Some signs of gopher infestation in your yard include mounds or tunnels. Gophers typically leave burrow entrances, which are round openings in the ground that are the entry point of the tunnel. 

Additionally, if you notice vegetation uprooted in your garden or the sign of damaged plants, it could be a sign of gopher infestation. Finally, if you catch a gopher while not underground, you’ll see they have stout bodies, short legs, and small eyes and ears. 

Our Customized Gopher Control Programs

Our team at Gopher Patrol has handled gopher removal and control for over 20 years. We have found that a targeted attack with baits and traps is the most effective way of eliminating gophers on your residential or commercial property. In some cases, our exterminator can use a gassing treatment. Whichever level of gopher infestation you’re dealing with, we have the tools to handle it.

Request Your Free Gopher Control Estimate from Gopher Patrol

Don’t let gophers take over your yard or garden. Our team of well-trained pest professionals at Gopher Patrol is here to help you take control of your landscape. With several pest control solutions available, you can rest assured knowing our team has your back. Ready to get started? Contact our team today to request a free quote or schedule an inspection!

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