Gopher Control Season Has Begun

The opening of a gopher tunnel.

Gophers in Southern California have made their move and gopher season is in full swing. But don’t worry a gopher control company is available to help. Gopher control can be tough if the right company isn’t chosen. Gopher Patrol has been serving Riverside for over 20 years and they are the longest running gopher control company in Southern California. Richard Hernandez, Service Manager for Gopher Patrol, has been with the company since the beginning and it would be hard to find another technician who has more experience than he does at gopher removal.

“We are a family owned business and have been serving Riverside since we began,” Richard says, “Gopher control is more about the experience than the chemicals you put into the ground.” Richard goes on to explain that with all the new laws and regulations in place the most effective treatment method, Fumitoxin, is no longer available for most residential properties and experience is the most valuable method. Knowing gopher habits and tendencies really helps in determining the best approach and best treatment method for that job.

Gopher control trapping and baiting are still effective methods if done correctly. Richard isn’t the only gopher expert Gopher Patrol has! Gopher control technicians have been working with Gopher Patrol for almost a decade. Gopher Patrol’s main office is located in Riverside but they service all of Southern California as well. They recently announced that they offer same day service for new customers in Riverside for gopher control.

“We found that customers were having a hard time finding someone who could help them when they needed,” Richard states, “So we answered the calls from local residents and offered same day service.”

In Los Angles, Riverside, and San Diego gopher control is best left to the experts, don’t try the bug guy or an inexperienced company looking to cash in on the gopher outbreak. Call the experts and longest running gopher control company, Gopher Patrol.

Gopher Patrol can be reached at 1-888-466-4674 or visit them at They also can be found on Facebook and Twitter or you can email them at

Gophers are the havoc causing, detrimental eaters of plants, flowers, trees, weeds, grass, orchards, gardens – anything that grows green. Gopher Patrol’s main inherited purpose is to rid those lush lawns and fruitful orchards of gophers.

Gophers are intelligent, sly, mischievous rodents that will come and take over the properties, one neighbor at a time. They aim to score everything that may have any sentimental or monetary value to home owners and landscapers. There are many ways to ATTEMPT to control them including:

  1. Moth balls
  2. Water hose
  3. Juicy Fruit
  4. Dry mashed potatoes
  5. Human hair
  6. Castor oil, soap, and corncob granules
  7. Various home or gardening store products

However, if the Houdini gopher is the type actively destroying all that is green, there is one saving force to call: Gopher Patrol! They’ve been annihilating gophers for 17 years.  Gopher control is hard enough with one gopher, but once they have mass produced, they turn into a complete epidemic. Together they will be able to escape any destructive force trying for complete annihilation, your next best move will be to Call Gopher Patrol. They use two of the most effective methods of gopher exterminating. Trapping and baiting are their main source of containing and eliminating the pests.

Gopher Patrol controls gophers all throughout Southern California from the hot hell of the Inland Empire all the way to the breezy Ventura County coast. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and are Award winners of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. They can be reached at 888-466-4674 or visit them at and find an online discount.