The Secret To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Garden, Part 1

Learn some helpful hints to keep rodents like gophers, rats, mice, and more out of your garden and away from your home.

There is certainly no shortage of rodents here in Southern California. Our area is home to a wide array of rodents, including mice, rats, moles, squirrels, and the beloved gopher. While these fuzzy critters are cute when you see them in the movies or keep some of them as domesticated pets, the last thing you want tearing up your yard and garden is a wild rodent. Along with spreading bacteria and diseases, rodents can turn your pristine garden into an unsightly mess that makes all your hard work all for nothing. Well, the experts at Gopher Patrol have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you keep rodents out of your garden and away from your yard.



In order to keep rodents out of your yard and away from your garden, you first need to know the signs to look for that can tell you whether or not rodents are present. Here are some telltale signs that rodents may fancy your yard:

• You notice tunnels in the ground. Gophers and other small rodents build tunnel systems to travel through where they can hide from predators, transport food easily to their dens, and gain quick access to food and water sources.

• You notice droppings in your yard. If you spot droppings that typically resemble black or dark brown grains of rice, this is a sure sign gophers, rats, mice, or some other rodent may have taken up residence in your garden.

• Disappearing plants. If you notice patches of missing plants, flowers, or uprooted veggies, this is a definite sign that some kind of critter has taken an interest in your garden.

• You see the critters. The most obvious sign that you have a rodent problem is when you actually see them scurrying around your garden. Look for movement at dawn and at dusk and be sure to look along fence lines and the foundation of your home.   


Like all living creatures, rodents of all kinds need water to survive. Once a mouse or a gopher has found their way into your yard, they will begin looking for sources to help them thrive as they would in their natural prairie or woodland habitat.

One way to keep rodents out of your garden is to remove their source of water. Now, we understand that having decorative features like bird baths, ponds, and fountains add a touch of beauty and serenity to your garden, but having water ready for the taking is basically an open invitation to rodents to drink. You don’t have to completely remove these water features, but being mindful to empty them or shut them off at night is a great way to prevent rodents and other pests from drinking from them. Additionally, for sprinkler systems, hose attachments, and outdoor spigots and faucets, it’s important to turn the knob all the way off to prevent any leaking water that could attract rodents.


If you think you have a rodent problem and want to find the safest and quickest solution for getting rid of them, contact the most trusted rodent removal company in San Diego. At Gopher Patrol, our skilled and experienced technicians can remove gophers, rats, mice, and more from your yard or from inside your home. Schedule a free inspection to get started and join us for part two of this blog series to learn a few more tips for keeping rodents out of your garden.

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